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Meet Mercy, founder of NEAT by Mercy. She has found pleasure in creating order out of chaos. Mercy is a residential organizer based out of San Jose, CA. She specializes in making homes functional, beautiful and organized. Her strong skills and past experience working with large families, makes such a difference for busy moms, or preparing for a new arrival. Thru organized systems, she creates a space for you that is customized to fit your lifestyle. Organizing has been her passion for many years. From everything being in it's proper place, to keeping only what really matters in life. For years, she has enjoyed helping others take control of their cluttered spaces. Becoming a professional organizer has allowed her to guide her clients with simple systems to keep them organized. The end result can create such a serene sense of accomplishment.  She will ensure an easy path for you to follow and continue spending more time on things that truly matter. Once you have defined your needs,  together we will create what you have envisioned. When every space in your home is organized and displayed, you will be left to enjoy every living space around you. Mercy is available to assist you in any size project from one drawer to your entire home.

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